One day I went outside to wonder, What is my world doing about global warming, the biggest farce of them all and of the least concern to the general public? When the Paris Agreement was made in 2015, the world was very high on emissions and still is. That is […]

My Thoughts on Global Warming

Writing makes my brain think too much Reading my writing makes my own head hurt I really don’t like to think about my writing To be honest writing damages my brain because I think way too much Education is way too overrated Only because all adults support education Now I […]

Ugh!!!!! I’m Writing

There was the bunny. A magician’s bunny to be precise. The magician’s bunny was a magical bunny. He could do actual magic. He never could actually show his power though. His true magic could not be seen by people. That was a drawback. The magician found the bunny and tried […]

Cute Bunny Days

In 9017 there was war, the 2000th one. There was a boy. His name was Charles. He lived  in a wealthy family. He had an annoying little brother and a mean sister. When he was at age 12 he joined the army. Right now he is marching to the battlefield. […]

World War 2000

I do not want to have a dog. I do not want to have a dog because I am scared of them and I don’t like them. I only trust one dog fully because it doesn’t jump or chase me around and the dog sits on my lap sometimes. The […]

I hate dogs

“Operating out of earth’s atmosphere. Dragon up ahead.” “Come on. I need help!” “I can’t move.” “Then get the keys.” “I will try. Blue Sea Aircraft, help.” “Blue Sea Aircraft on the way. Repeat Blue Sea Aircraft on the way.” “The dragon is ripping through the ship. It made a […]

The Space Mission

I really hate that fancy font. It’s so annoying. Wait. What’s happening? I’m actually changing the font. Here let me try to make it normal. Attempt one. Shoot it didn’t work. Attempt two. Man, it still didn’t work. Attempt three. Finally it worked. Alright, let’s get started. I just hate […]

MAN I Do Hate Writing

There once lived a princess in a castle. The princess’s name is Juliet. She was always happy. She also likes pets. The princess had a pet dragon. The  dragon’s name is Luna. The dragon is like a nerd who listens really well. The pet dragon lives in a cave. The […]

The Dragon who Saves the Princess

Once there was a magician who had a rabbit for his shows. But the magician was very greedy for money. The bunny didn’t like him. One night the magician forgot to close the window of his house and the rabbit jumped out. When the magician woke up, he looked for […]

The Dinosaurs

This article is about Mario, the  main character and the mascot of Nintendo. Mario’s birthday is March 10, 1981. The first game he was in was Donkey Kong. That was a game Mario needs to save his girlfriend from his pet gorilla Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong throws barrels at Mario […]


My name is Green. As my name suggests, I am the color green and twenty years old. I’m the heir of the Gormless Gummy Bears. I’m a gladiator in our world, Gumminopolis III. Gumminopolis II exploded because of a chemical explosion/accident that happened in a forge and wiped out half […]

Gumminopolis III

Preston is a guy who is a student and works at Oxford University. He is smart, intelligent, and respectful. He has a friend named Sam, who is loyal to Preston. They always sit at the same table at lunch. Sometimes, Preston is with a few girls, because he is smart […]

To the Future in 2067: Part 1