Blue (a Color Poem) Blue smells like the salty beach air on a summer morning Blue is the clear sky when the clouds are nowhere in sight Blue feels like the rushing cool waves crashing against my bare legs Blue tastes like fresh cold water I gulp down every day Blue […]

Rachel’s Poems

White (a Color Poem) White is vanilla ice cream on my cone. White is snowflakes falling down on a snowy day. White is the cream on coffee in my cup. White looks like a snow white cat sleeping in its room. White sounds like a swan squawking in a pond. White […]

Kate’s Poems

I do not want any more allergies because I have five allergies already. I have cat, dog, hair dye, and two seasonal allergies. I hate the cat allergy the most because I want a cat, but  I can’t have one because I have a really bad allergy. The dog allergy… […]

No More Allergies

ROBLOX!!!!!! (An ABC Poem) All kinds of games are in it. Budder Weapons is my favorite game. Courageous people play games in Roblox. Delightful games are all around. Evil hackers like my friend Jeff play. Fun is what you feel in the game. Grenades fly around in S.W.A.T. vs Criminal. […]

Mason’s Poems

     Squishees. Squishees are things that you can squish. Squishees can be shaped like a lot of things, such as a panda or a face on a loaf of bread. They all have scents. A scent might be peach. When you squish a squishee, it goes back into its normal shape […]


“IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED!” My brother Steve woke me up that day. He said, “Let’s build a fort!” So we got our snow gear and went outside to build a fort. We started digging and making a shape like a circle. Then we started to build higher and higher. We […]

Fort Snowchobros!

How would you like to be a major-leaguer someday? First, you will have to know the positions. I will be teaching you about what the most important players on a baseball field do and the importance of their positions. I chose to write about baseball because I love baseball. I […]

Most Important Baseball Positions

In the year 1996, an old man found a treasure in a cave. When he looked inside, he saw that there was a bunch of coins and jewels in a bag! He decided to leave it there because he wanted to be a moral person by being honest. He ran […]

The Legendary Treasure

“So, did you bring your clothes?” my friend Hayoung asked. Sunday school had ended and we were in the dining room. “What clothes?” I asked. “Stop! What are you doing? You just spoiled the surprise!” Songeun exclaimed as she hit Hayoung in the back. Hayoung is one of my two […]

Party in a Valley

Once upon a time, there was an “unsinkable ship” called the Titanic. Now before you make any assumptions about this story, thinking it’s some love story about Jack and Rose, I will introduce myself. My name? Ice C. Berg. Yes, I am the most well known, famous, renowned iceberg. ‘What […]

The Great Iceberg Marathon by Ice C. Berg

How the NBA draft works   Today I will be telling you how the NBA Draft lottery works. The NBA Draft is how all 30 NBA teams get to choose the new rookies from college. People seem to think that the NBA Draft is confusing. Even my parents, friends who […]

How the NBA Draft Works

65 million years ago, the three dinosaurs that survived the 5th mass extinction saw some cavemen. Just like the dinosaurs, the cavemen lived in a cave. Five seconds later they became friends and the dinosaurs called them over. One day, an evil scientist created a time machine and wanted to […]

The Dinosaurs, 2