Published Student Works

Spring Beautiful flowers in a nearby meadow, Birds chirping in their very own opera, Very berry red strawberries in your kitchen, Glimmering and melting snow in your backyard, Colorful eggs for Easter as Jesus is resurrected, Red scary dragons in the air during the Chinese New Year, One less hour […]

The Four Seasons

Kimchi Once upon a time there were two rival goddesses who were related. The elder sister’s name was Rachel Ko and the younger sister’s name was Irene Choi. Now don’t ask me why they have different last names, even though they are sisters, because I don’t know either! Once while […]

Korean Legends

SPRING Spring Snow is beginning to melt Animals wake up from their long sleep Birds start to chirp IT’s SPRING!!! Flowers are blooming And the gray sky is clearing Grass is bending from the gentle spring breezes Calmness fills the day All of a sudden SPLASH! Rain is pouring, replacing […]

Poem of Seasons

What is the most trafficked mammal in the world? It is a pangolin! A pangolin has scales covering it from head to tail. The scales are made out of keratin. Keratin makes nails, rhino horns, and bird talons. The scales are very hard and that keeps the pangolin’s predator from […]


An ABC Poem Always a winner, Best of all shortstops, Competitive and rough, Destroys everybody he plays, Everyone combined can’t beat him, Fantastic player, has tons of fans,   … It’s The One And Only….. … Derek Jeter!!!!!   A Limerick There once was a sad little crabby, Whose soccer […]

Chad’s Poems

Cracked iPhone (an ABC Poem) Apps, everywhere on the screen, Beeping is my phone (Yoda’s talking). Cracks are spreading from Dropping my phone. Emails coming in, thousands a day. White (a Color Poem) Is the good witch of the south Is the squabbling donald duck Tastes like sweet vanilla ice […]

Matthew’s Poems