Published Student Works

An ABC Poem Always a winner, Best of all shortstops, Competitive and rough, Destroys everybody he plays, Everyone combined can’t beat him, Fantastic player, has tons of fans,   … It’s The One And Only….. … Derek Jeter!!!!!   A Limerick There once was a sad little crabby, Whose soccer […]

Chad’s Poems

Cracked iPhone (an ABC Poem) Apps, everywhere on the screen, Beeping is my phone (Yoda’s talking). Cracks are spreading from Dropping my phone. Emails coming in, thousands a day. White (a Color Poem) Is the good witch of the south Is the squabbling donald duck Tastes like sweet vanilla ice […]

Matthew’s Poems

I do not want any more allergies because I have five allergies already. I have cat, dog, hair dye, and two seasonal allergies. I hate the cat allergy the most because I want a cat, but  I can’t have one because I have a really bad allergy. The dog allergy… […]

No More Allergies

     Squishees. Squishees are things that you can squish. Squishees can be shaped like a lot of things, such as a panda or a face on a loaf of bread. They all have scents. A scent might be peach. When you squish a squishee, it goes back into its normal shape […]


“IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED!” My brother Steve woke me up that day. He said, “Let’s build a fort!” So we got our snow gear and went outside to build a fort. We started digging and making a shape like a circle. Then we started to build higher and higher. We […]

Fort Snowchobros!