The Four Seasons


Beautiful flowers in a nearby meadow,

Birds chirping in their very own opera,

Very berry red strawberries in your kitchen,

Glimmering and melting snow in your backyard,

Colorful eggs for Easter as Jesus is resurrected,

Red scary dragons in the air during the Chinese New Year,

One less hour for sleep as daylight savings time begins.  



The scorching sun on top of your head as you play soccer,

Thirteen long hours sleeping on the plane to Korea,

Annoying seeds as you devour a watermelon,

Prickly thorns scratching your leg as you pick the best raspberry yet,

Fireworks booming and flashing during the Fourth of July,

Surfers on rolling waves come into sight on the flight to Hawaii,

The waves splash on the shore outside of a luxurious hotel, how relaxing!



Yellow, orange, and red beautiful leaves flutter to the ground,

Weeee! You say as you jump into the colorful and large pile of leaves,

Picking very green Granny Smiths and eating golden deliciousness,

Brrrrr. The weather starts to get colder and my hands and ears freeze,

An abundant amount of candy as you go house to house with a costume,

Talking while stuffing yourself with turkey, pumpkin pie, and potatoes,

Woohoo! One hour more to sleep! When it’s 2:00 am, it’s actually 1:00 am!



White sparkling snow covers the ground and your car,

A snowman family keeps you company when it snows and you cannot go outside,

Many presents under  your Christmas tree after Santa comes to town,

The land is all white and blank, no plants or flowers grow,

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR! The new year starts on January 1st,

Winter break! No school! Woohoo! Video games and snowballs all day,

Yay! Tackle football at recess because the snow is knee high deep!