What is the most trafficked mammal in the world?

It is a pangolin!

A pangolin has scales covering it from head to tail. The scales are made out of keratin. Keratin makes nails, rhino horns, and bird talons. The scales are very hard and that keeps the pangolin’s predator from eating the pangolin. And a pangolin that is threatened will curl up. That makes it an impenetrable ball.

Pangolins are found in Asia and Africa. There are eight species of pangolins found on the two continents. Their habitat is forests and grasslands. The pangolin has a sticky tongue that can be longer that its body. They eat ants and termites because they have no teeth. One pangolin can eat seventy million bugs in one year. Pangolins are nocturnal and eat bugs at that time.

Killing pangolins for their scales and meat is a crime. People boil the pangolins’ scales for traditional medicine. People eat pangolin meat, which is a delicacy in Vietnam and China. Some people also think that the blood heals. So that is why the pangolin is in the range of vulnerable to critically endangered.

I think that people should take better care of pangolins. We should protect the critically endangered animal so it will not be extinct and it will stay in the world forever.