Squishees. Squishees are things that you can squish. Squishees can be shaped like a lot of things, such as a panda or a face on a loaf of bread. They all have scents. A scent might be peach. When you squish a squishee, it goes back into its normal shape again

     Squishees might help you concentrate because it keeps your hands busy. You can play pass. You can not stretch them or they will break. Squishees are fun to squish and fun for me to play pass with, but if you choose the wrong one it might smell bad.

      Squishees are not new. They are a little popular.There are four types of squishees: slow rising, fast rising, big, and small. The slow rising one is more satisfying to watch because it rises slowly, slowly, slowly.

In conclusion get squishees. They are fun.