Most Important Baseball Positions

How would you like to be a major-leaguer someday? First, you will have to know the positions. I will be teaching you about what the most important players on a baseball field do and the importance of their positions. I chose to write about baseball because I love baseball. I hope you know more about these positions after you read this article.


When you play pitcher, all the team is depending on you to throw good pitches and not allow any runs. On the other hand, as a pitcher, you are depending on your defense, because if a batter does manage to hit a ball past you, your teammates have to stop the ball and get an out. However, you still have to pitch well, because there are many places the ball can be hit by the opposing team and get past the defense. When I pitch, I feel stressed and I sometimes get nervous, because everyone is looking at me. In other words, all the attention is on you, the pitcher, and everyone is staring at you. If you make a mistake, you feel embarrassed and try to not make any more mistakes. That pressures you to make more errors and you start panicking. That’s when the coach pulls you out, which makes it more embarrassing.


The catcher is as important as the pitcher because the pitcher throws the ball to you at 100 miles an hour! It feels like the ball is going to hit you right in the face. However, you have a thick glove that protects you so you shouldn’t be afraid. One of the skills you need is good hand-eye coordination to catch the ball. If you don’t catch the ball, you might give the other team a free base to steal. Also, if the other team hits the ball and somebody’s going to the plate, you need to catch the ball and tag them out or else the other team scores. I don’t like being catcher because you get bruises all the time from the foul balls and there’s lots of pressure on you.

First Baseman-

When you play on first base, you are the key to getting outs. When the batter hits the ball, he or she runs to first base. You have to get the ball and tag the base before the batter gets there. Also, you need a special glove that is a little bigger than a regular glove because you are the one who most likely has to catch the ball when one of your teammates throws the ball. I like to play first base because you get to touch the ball a lot and you feel good when the ball plops into your glove. I also like getting the batter out.


The shortstop is the most important position in the infield other than the pitcher, catcher, or first baseman. You are the captain or coach of the infield. Since you are on the left side of the field, you will get the most balls because most batters are right handed. I like being shortstop because you get to be leader. You also get to try to take the runner out if he steals.

Center Fielder-

When you play center fielder, you have to be alert because you are the leader of the outfield. Most of the time, a ball will roll or pop-up in center field rather than right or left field. You have to make sure the left and right fielders are paying attention. If they or you should miss it, the opposing team would have a huge advantage and might even score.