Fort Snowchobros!

“IT SNOWED! IT SNOWED!” My brother Steve woke me up that day. He said, “Let’s build a fort!” So we got our snow gear and went outside to build a fort.

We started digging and making a shape like a circle. Then we started to build higher and higher. We built it by scooping up snow and smooshed it around until it became hard. When we finished, it was six feet tall and we called it Fort Snowchobros. It was shaped like a crown. We worked on it past noon.

We built it highest in the front, added snow sludge by dipping snow in water, and made ice plates by breaking ice.

After we ate lunch we went back outside to work on Fort Snowchobros. Then we made snowballs and put them in holes in the walls of our fort. Steve made the snowballs the best so I made the the basic shape. Then Steve finished it by making it into a perfect sphere. We made at  least a dozen before my mom called us for dinner.

Next day we woke up, got our snow gear and went outside. We added more snow on the cracks on our fort that probably happened at night.

We had a snowball fight. Steve acted as an ogre while I tried to get him. I was in the fort and Steve was out. Steve gave me special snowballs like the exploding snowball and he would act like there was an explosion. He also gave me equipment like an invisibility cloak to attack the ogres. After we finished our snowball fight I said, “Next winter we are going to do that again!”

Steve hit me a couple times and I got him a lot of times because he didn’t try his best. It was the best day EVER!