The Great Iceberg Marathon by Ice C. Berg

Once upon a time, there was an “unsinkable ship” called the Titanic. Now before you make any assumptions about this story, thinking it’s some love story about Jack and Rose, I will introduce myself. My name? Ice C. Berg. Yes, I am the most well known, famous, renowned iceberg. ‘What did I do?’ you may ask. I am The Iceberg that sank The Unsinkable Ship, The Titanic. *cue darth vader music* Sure, I was a bit ambitious back then, but since I know you are going to criticize me, here is MY story, my version of The Titanic.

There was a little, well, big boat called The Titanic. While people were ecstatic about the idea of going on the “unsinkable ship” I, Ice C. Berg was busy thinking about the race. Every year, me and my cousin have a big big race called The Great Iceberg Marathon. It’s so big that almost all the icebergs come to watch it because it is the most entertaining thing they have to watch. But when I say that all the icebergs come to watch the race, what I really mean is, they all come to watch me because I’m the best, fastest, unbeatable iceberg on the whole planet.

In The Great Iceberg Marathon, we start at England then end up at New York.

It all started in 1000 B.C., when we were just little kids. One day, I challenged Sven to a race, because we were in such a big fight, and since then, Sven has wanted a rematch for one thousand years. You can probably tell that he is very very persistent. You have to go pretty much halfway around the world and back. It’s a thrilling, beautiful time, and every year, I’ve won. When you win, you get bragging rights for a whole year. And it’s always been me for the last 1000+ years. Me me me. All me. My cousin Sven was being such a sore loser from last year, when I beat him by three weeks. He is slow that I beat I beat him by that much. He has never even gotten close. The closest he’s gotten is two and a half weeks behind me. I am so good that I can even win without trying. It’s soooo easy to beat him, I don’t even know why HE tries. There’s no way I could lose.

Anyways, the day of the competition, I woke up bright and early.

“I’m obviously going to win this year.” I bragged to Sven.

“No, I am.”

“You lost every single year. If you think you’re going to win this year, you’re crazy.”

Before Sven had a chance to answer, the announcer came through. “Racers, are you ready??? On your marks, get set GO!”

We raced against the waves, and soon enough, I was in the lead, as usual.

“How does it feel to be second place? I wouldn’t know, because I was never second!” I taunted as I passed Sven.

A few hours later, the sun was setting across the evening sky. Streaks of red, yellow, purple, orange, and pink were painted across the sky. The sun was a big yellow egg yolk setting in the middle of a colorful sunny side up. It was beautiful. A huge horn startled me from my daze. It was The Titanic.

The Titanic was the biggest ship I’d ever seen in my life. It was ginormous. It was the exact feeling you would get when you’re really really famished and a big plate of your favorite food was right in front of you, or when you just climbed a mountain and you saw the view. That was exactly how I felt then. It moved swiftly through the water, dodging all the ice. I was so laybacked from knowing that Sven was waaaaaaay behind me, that I knew I had time to do anything.

“Maybe it’s time for a small nap,” I yawned and fell asleep immediately.

I was having a peaceful sleep, when something hit me so hard.

“AAARHHHHGHGHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I yelled as the pain shot through me. It hurt so much I thought I was going to pass out. When I saw the giant crack through my body, I did pass out.

When I finally woke up, I was still a bit woozy.

“Where am I?” I muttered to myself. That’s when everything came back to me. “OH NO!!!! How long has it been??????” I looked around frantically, and I didn’t see Sven anywhere. “Where is he?!?!!?

“I have to catch up with Sven or else I’m not going to win!” I rushed off. A few minutes later, I realized something. Something bad.

“Wait a minute. Why am I so much smaller than usual?” I hadn’t gotten very far when I realized that I was small. “Uh oh. When the Titanic hit me, I must have cracked in half and now I’m too small to go faster because I lost all my body mass!” I groaned.

“Why me?????? Why did I have to get hit, it could have been Sven, but it was me??” Since I had no idea how long I was blacked out, my energy was pretty much drained.

A few days later, I saw the finish line a few yards away. Straining my eyes, I scanned the finish line to see if Sven reached it before me.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I screamed in fury as I saw that Sven was already there. “HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE BEAT ME?? HE CHEATED!!!” I yelled at the icebergs as I came to the finish line. When I got to the finish line, I stomped up to Sven.

“YOU CHEATED!!!!” I yelled in his face.

“Nice try,” he said to me.

I stormed off.

Obviously, that was awhile ago, and now, I’m more mature. So you can assume that this was totally not my fault that the Titanic hit me. I didn’t do it on purpose or anything. But I’m still going to beat Sven next year.