How the NBA Draft Works

How the NBA draft works


Today I will be telling you how the NBA Draft lottery works.

The NBA Draft is how all 30 NBA teams get to choose the new rookies from college. People seem to think that the NBA Draft is confusing. Even my parents, friends who are into basketball, and my teachers think it’s really confusing! So that is why I am writing this informational piece.


What is the Draft Combine?


The NBA Draft Combine takes place every year in May. The NBA Draft Combine is where all the College athletes go to show the NBA team scouts their abilities like their Vertical Jump, speed, etc. Many tests like these show their physical capabilities.


Who gets to pick first?


Everyone will need to understand how the NBA teams get their percentages in the draft. This is how the teams get to find out what order they are in to pick their players. To be as fair as possible the worst team in the previous season has the best percentage getting number one overall pick in the draft. The percentage is how “lucky” you will need to be to get #1 overall pick. The higher the overall the earlier you will be able to pick. Also teams get different picks in different rounds. So there is round one where all the college “prospects” get picked and there are the other rounds like round 2, 3 ,4, etc. those rounds are where scouts hope they took a steal as in those players who got taken from those rounds are going to be good in the upcoming seasons.

Next you will need to understand there are 82 games which determine your percentage. Each team’s percentage is determined by how well they do in the Regular season. The Regular season goes from October 17th to April 18th. For example, if the Nets lose 62 out of the 82 games they are probably the worst out of the whole league. Therefore, they will be no.1 in the draft. You can also get a higher pick by trading, which in the NBA’s case means trading one player or pick for a player or pick. For example back in 2013 the Celtics who traded Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to swap picks with the Nets. That’s why they got the first pick this year. Of course it was a gamble hoping the Nets did terrible this year. Well now that you know how people can get #1 overall pick let’s talk about the draft.


How the Draft Works:


The Draft lottery is where all the prospects from College get drafted.

Prospect in the NBA means the best players from college who are expected to be amazing. Which not all do. 14 of the worst basketball teams get numbered and put into a lottery machine.Then after all the numbering is done they get thrown into a lottery machine. Each team will get assigned four number combinations. The team with the worst record will get 250/1000 combinations. The team with the best record will get 5/1000 combinations. All 14 balls are chosen and the first three are top 3 then it goes in reverse order.


I hope you learned a lot from this piece! Now that you learned a lot about the NBA Draft you can hope your team picks good people in the draft.