World War 2000

In 9017 there was war, the 2000th one. There was a boy. His name was Charles. He lived  in a wealthy family. He had an annoying little brother and a mean sister. When he was at age 12 he joined the army. Right now he is marching to the battlefield. Then after a single shot by a gun, the war started, lasers were shooting everywhere, and people were being sucked up by black-hole grenades. Then after a day the enemies surrendered, all tired and DEAD. But it was not over yet!

After a week planes soared. The people thought it was a drill but it was actually a bombing attack! Bombs fell to the ground and exploded. Charles’s parents knew he had to leave. So they put him in a space pod and he flew away to North America. When he got out, there was a message. It said, “Charles, we saved you because you are the only one to kill the god of war.” He was wondering two things; one is who was the god of war? And where the heck is he now?!

When he was ready, he had two choices. He could either search a cave for place to sleep or keep going. He chose choice one to find a place to sleep. In a matter of time he found a cave. But he didn’t know a bear was in there! As he walked in the cave he stepped on the bear’s tail! The bear woke up and chased Charles but then Zip pow!

Charles woke up barely seeing anything and realized then that he was in a cottage with a man. When the man saw Charles awake he smiled and said, “Hi, Charles.” Then Charles blacked out.

When he woke up (this time clearly) he saw the man again. He said, “Good morning.” The man was cooking eggs. He gave Charles a dish. As Charles ate the man told him his name was Sam and he fought in war 2000. He escaped as a prisoner and was now living here. When they were finished eating they both went outside to get ready for the adventure. First they had to go through the forest and then through the desert, across the ocean, then finally climb up Mount of the Evil Gods. After a hour or so they set off!

At first the adventure was easy but after that it was hard! There was a storm; then they encountered a black bear! The bear was 10 ft tall! So Charles got his sword and jumped on top of the bear. But the bear was moving too much and then Charles fell off and was bleeding. Then Sam got out his knife and stabbed the bear! At first it was stumbling, then whomp! The bear was dead. Sam ran to Charles and Charles said he was okay.

As they continued the trip they then settled camp for the night. The next morning they ate breakfast, then set off again. After 10 or so hours they were now at the desert. As they were walking they saw a village. So they looked around and they saw a stand for horses. They bought two horses. Then they continued their journey.

But when they went past the desert a 2000 ft giant came out from the ground! The giant said, ”In order to pass you must answer this question: what’s 1 plus 1?”

“Two,” Charles said,

“Are you really that dumb?” said Sam.

The giant roared angrily. He tried to smash Sam and Charles but the giant was so slow he went only 1 ft per hour so they just walked around the slow and dumb giant.

“Well that was easier than I thought!” Sam said.

After days of traveling they finally made the mountain. When they took their first step, a booming voice said, “How dare you step on my world of gods and monsters!”

Charles said, “We came here to kill you!”

The voice said, “Ha! Your puny weapons are no match to me! Give up, or DIE!”

But they did not; they just climbed all the way up. When they were at the top the hugest bloodiest monster appeared! He said, “I am very impressed how you survived, Charles! You see, I want you dead! So I’ll kill you now!”

The monster swooped down and miss Charles by a inch. Then Sam lunged at the monster and was able to stab it in the leg. The monster roared and smacked Sam in the face; then the monster got a sharp rock and stabbed Sam!

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Charles said. Tears in his eyes, he had a massive siege of anger. Then a bolt of lightning hit Charles. When the dust cleared he was wearing armor! The monster blew a bolt of lighting. Easily, Charles dodged it. Then he rose in the air. A fireball was forming; bigger and bigger it got. When it was max power he let out a huge beam of fire! Then, it was all over.

The monster was killed; all left was Charles. He was so tired. Then the sky was bright again. The weeds turned into flowers. Charles was happy what he had done but he knew this was the beginning. Then he gave his power to his friend…… Sam. Then he died. Sam woke up and was given Charles’ memory. Then he started up the hill and set off!

To Be Continued…