I was walking home. I heard many noises. I saw something in the woods. It was not any normal animal noise. I heard the wolf legend noise. I remembered that my mom told me about the wolf legend. She said if you hear the wolf noises they can lead you away and no one can find you ever again. I was scared when I remembered, so I ran home.

Then I knocked and knocked and knocked on the door.Suddenly it was open. I did not know who opened the door. I could not see anyone at home so I knew something was wrong. I was scared for a second and then I heard the wolf legend noise again. I was frightened. I grabbed my sword and hid under my bed.


I tried to go to sleep under my bed and I heard the legend wolf howling. I was scared. I really hoped when I went to sleep the legend wolf would go away. So I tried to go to sleep again, but the legend wolf noises kept on going on. I was so annoyed but I was scared at the same time. I went to sleep finally. I woke up. I saw everything was fine when I was under the bed. I found out I had a nightmare.


I saw it was still dark out my window. I was still frightened but I was curious to go outside. So I got my sword out and I got a lamp and went outside. I heard noises and stuff moving. I said to myself, “I am not afraid.“  I was walking farther into the woods. I got out my sword. I held the lamp farther into the woods. Then I saw a hyena and another and another. They were all surrounding me. I pointed my sword out to the hyena. The leader talked and said, “Ohh, look what we have here. Hahahahaha!”

I said to the hyena leader, “You don’t scare me.”


I was taken to their fortress. I saw many hyenas in their fortress. I was chained up everywhere. They threw me into a cage. I got hurt a bit. A few seconds later, I heard  one of the hyena say, “What should we do with the weird creature?”

”I don’t know?” one of the hyenas said.

The leader hyena said,“Let’s cook and kill the weird creature.” I was terrified when heard one of the hyenas say  that.


I saw one of the hyenas getting the fire ready. I saw the fire cooking hot. I realized I was right above the fire! I was screaming to death when I saw I was above the fire. I was trying to break out of the cage. The hyenas were lowering me to the fire faster. Then suddenly! I saw the legend wolf running into the cave. I was scared more. Then the legend wolf attack the hyena leader. Then leader hyena said, “Oh, it’s you again.” The legend wolf  growled. I was almost in the fire. I was screaming. The legend wolf heard and saw me. He ran for me. But then the other hyenas were trying to stop the legend wolf. He saw a very deep hole and he had a plan. So the hyenas were still chasing after the legend wolf. He jumped over the hole and the hyenas fell into the hole. Then the legend wolf ran after me. He bit off the cage bars. And he said to me, ”Come hurry and jump.”

I was shivering to death. I said, “Why should I come with you?”

The legend wolf said, ”Come and live or die.”

I said, “Live.”

So then he said, “Come just jump.”      


I jumped just in time. I was still scared. But I was thankful that I was not eaten and cooked by fire. I was curious where he was taking me. I said to him, “Where are you taking me?”

He said, ”My den, it’s safe there.”

I gulped down hard. I saw his cave and we entered. I saw no on there except him and me. I saw I was injured. “It hurts,”I said. He went out and got something. I said in an interested voice, “What is that?”

He said, It’s kelp that will help your cut.” He wrapped it up on me.

Then I said in a weird voice, “Why did you save me? Are you supposed to be evil?”

He exclaimed, “I am not evil. You want to know why I saved  you?”

I said, “why?”

“You know you are a wolf; you have one of the shards in you.”  he said.

I said, “I’m a wolf? And what shard are you talking about?” I looked at myself I said in a surprised voice,” I am a wolf?. I did not look at myself for a long time.

“I need to tell you a story,” he said.

I said, “Ok.”


Long ago there were a female wolf and a male wolf. They were different colors. One day they saw each other. And they loved each other. They had nine pups but only one survived. But the one pup was weak. The female wolf had a dream. The spirit wolf said in her dream: if you want your pup to live, put your pup on the hill where you met your male wolf. It has to be when there is a full moon. So she woke up and went to the hill, and put her pup on top of the hill when there was a full moon. She backed up and saw a drop from the moon and it fell on the pup. The next day the pup survived.  The female and the male were happy the pup survived. But then they found out when the pup grew bigger, the pup had the power to control Earth, Lightning, Fire, Water, and dark matter. They named her Moon because when she was at the moon, the drop went on her. But later she died of old age. The only thing that was left was the drop that turned into a diamond. The spirit wolf that created it couldn’t destroy it so they split it into five pieces. If the diamond got into the wrong hands something very bad will happen. So they put the shards into new different pups that are not evil.


I was sleeping after the story. Then I opened my eyes a bit and saw the legend wolf. “Go to sleep too.”

I woke up. I saw the legend wolf looking out of the cave. I said, “What are you doing?”

He said in a stiff voice, “We need to go.”

I said in a curious voice, “Go where?”

He said, “The land is wilting; something is wrong and we need to find out.” Then suddenly we heard a big boom and another and another.  The land was shaking. Then we saw some thing like poison spreading all over the island. Our journey began.


I was tired. I tried to keep up but my legs were dragging a bit. We entered the jungle. I saw a lot of trees that were infested with bugs. My stomach growled. I was hungry so I climbed a tree and got some fruit and ate it. I felt better.

The legend wolf said, “You ate a poison fruit.”

I was saying in a sick voice, “What, I ate a poison fruit!”

He looked for a fruit that would l heal me.  He found one. I ate it. I felt better. I saw something. I said to him, “What is that?”

He said, “I don’t know.”

I said, “Let’s see.”

The legend wolf said, “ Hmm, ok, let’s go.”

So we went to see what was the thing moving. We saw a weird animal so we said to the weird animal, “What are you?” T

he weird animal said, “what? I’m not weird. I am kooxo.”

We said, “What are you doing in the forest?”

“I’m lost in the forest so what are you talking about,” she said.

So then we just kept going on our journey. But then she said,“Please take me with you I’m lost.”

We said, “Why?”

“There’s monsters here. Please, I don’t want to stay here alone,” she yelled. “Fine,” the legend wolf growled.


We went farther into the woods. I thought we were there already. I climbed a tree that was not infested with bugs. I looked. I saw a very, very long way ahead. I was whispering to myself, “Oh boy.” Then I gulped. We all saw it was getting dark so we looked for a place to sleep. I saw a cave so I quietly went in. I was dumb enough to go in the cave that looked creepy. They saw me so they went too. I looked back to tell them we could sleep here. I ran back to tell them. I bumped into them when I was running back.

I said, We can sleep here right?

The kooxo said in a scared voice, “Um I think we shouldn’t sleep here.”

I said, “Why? “I heard the story of this cave. The cave is haunted.”

Then we suddenly heard a monster growl loudly from the cave. The monster went for us. It grabbed me and took me away.