The Three Worlds: The Ultimate Adventure!!! (Book 1)


  13-year old Andrew woke from a barking sound from a dog. It was around 4 o’clock in the morning. Yesterday had been a weird day; his two friends, Jimmy and Matt, had both gone home from school early because of very major headaches. Also, some valuables had been stolen from his house while he and his mother had gone out shopping for clothes for Andrew and his brother, Drew.

   When Andrew poked his head out to yell at the dog to shut up, he found out that there was a lot of fog. He immediately thought that something was mysterious and wrong. He had liked the Harry Potter series, so he knew a lot of fog did not mean good stuff. Right then, a ring from his phone made him jump 5 feet into the air. He saw the screen and saw that the call was from his friend.  He answered the call. Instead of his friend’s voice, a deep, dark voice that made the hair on his neck stand up came out. The voice said: “You and your 2 friends shall go on a trip to 3 places where no other mortal has gone before: The Underworld, Heaven, and Mount Olympus. You will find a key, and each key will lead to a secret portal. Call your friends. The barking dog will help you find the first portal, the portal that leads out of this world.” Andrew was terrified, but he decided to try.

  About an hour later, Andrew, Jimmy, and Matt met in front of the house. Also, Andrew’s brother, Drew, had also tagged along with him. Andrew looked at his friends and they looked OK. When the 2 friends asked him why he called them out in their PJ’s at 4 o’clock in the morning, he told them about the weird situation at his house. He asked them if they could go with him, partly because he was terrified, and partly because of the quest. The four kids followed the dog.

  After walking for about 15 minutes, the dog came to a stop. Andrew couldn’t believe his eyes. In front of them was an awesome-looking portal that looked like the portal in Pokemon where you could catch legendaries. Somewhere near them, a voice as loud as 10 speakers boomed, “Go into the portal. Do not forget the quest. You are not going there to play. If you find the key in the last world, say ‘MORTAL WORLD!!!’ That will take you back to this place. Some sacrifices might be needed. You will get some help from each world. Plus, I will give you a key. If you activate it, you will get help from me. This can only be used once. Use it carefully. Then, GO ON!!!!!!”

  Andrew, Drew, Jimmy, and Matt went into the portal. For a second, Andrew couldn’t breathe. It felt like the air was getting sucked out of him. After about 3 seconds, he could breathe again. Andrew looked around his surroundings. His friends were there; they looked okay, but startled, just like Andrew. Also, there were people…. that looked like…. well, not people, but spirits. Andrew was sure he’d seen something similar  before…..They were screaming in agony. It sounded like, “ WE’RE INNOCENT!!!! LET US GO, YOU STUPID UNDERWORLD!!!”  Suddenly, Andrew remembered what these ‘spirits’ were. He shouted to his friends, “Let’s get out of here!!! They’re  ZOMBIES!!!!!” As soon as Andrew said that, he regretted it. The zombies were coming towards them, but his friends’ feet were stuck to the ground. Andrew was desperate. He couldn’t let his friends become zombies. But suddenly, a gold sword appeared in his hands. In awe, Andrew slashed away at the zombie. It disintegrated with his first blow. He had done some fighting games before, so he knew a little how to do swordplay. Andrew couldn’t help but say, “Come on here, zombies!!! BOO-YAH!!”


   A few minutes later, there was only one zombie left. It said something like, “I’ll be back!!” but to Andrew it  sounded more like “beugakfdalkdf!!” Andrew sighed, and just threw his sword and killed it.

  His friends and Drew had finally recovered. Drew said, “That…. was just sick…” Andrew said, “Let’s sit down for a few minutes, so you guys can recover fully, then let’s boogie. I don’t want more zombie problems.” Everyone looked frightened and they agreed. After a few minutes, Andrew and his friends walked again. Andrew didn’t want to be in danger, so he kept his sword and walked on. Except for a few sounds that sounded like bats, everything was normal. Andrew was relieved. But his luck didn’t last long.

    He heard groaning sounds, like a broken machine trying to work. A very bright light blinked in front of them. Andrew was blinded from the too-bright-light. When he thought the light was gone, he opened his eyes, but it was all black. After a few seconds, he could see, but black dots were dancing around his eyes. After about a  minute, he could see normally again.

  In front of them was a big man whose height looked like 10’5”. He was a giant. Andrew freaked out for a second. He was speechless. The giant looked at him. He had pure-black eyes that bored straight into Andrew’s, and a tanned face and body.

  The giant started to speak. It shouted, “Why art thou here???” It sounded like a phrase you’d hear only from the 1930’s. It freaked him out, because this year was 2020.  

  A few moments later, Drew finally broke the long, long silence. “Who are you??” It was kind of in a demanding voice, a voice high but stern.

  The giant moved before speaking. He threw his arm around Drew’s neck, a perfect boxing position, plus an awesome headlock. Andrew would’ve cheered if he were a companion of the giant. The giant closed in on Drew’s face. “This my home, thy name first.” Now he sounded like Frankenstein. Great.

  Drew looked white, like a ghost suddenly about to faint. (Is there really an expression like that??) He finally managed to find the courage to speak. “Drew. Looking for key lost here. Need help. Will you help and give name??”

  Andrew suddenly shouted an encouragement to Drew inside his head. He was sooooooo brave, he thought. AWESOME!!!! The giant looked back at him. Andrew was afraid that the giant might kill Drew, but he stood in awe, just frozen in his place, like when their friends were stuck to the ground during the ‘zombie assault.’ The giant was actually smiling at Drew. They looked like they were in a serious conversation, though Andrew couldn’t hear the exact words. His two friends were like they were thinking, COOL!! BUT  SERIOUSLY???? After about three minutes, the conversation came to an end.

  Drew whispered, “The giant is about 100 years old. He says he’d like to help us find the key. But before that, he says, we need a weapon, which we can take from his garage.” He waved his fingers so it made an apostrophe at the word garage, and waved it. He started talking again. “He says his name is also Bob, and the journey ahead of us is is very weird and awesome at the SAME TIME. Now, ain’t that cool??” Five minutes later, they were at the giant’s lair, where they got water, food, and weapons. Another 10 minutes later, they were fighting off a herd of cattle that were crazy and rampaging like bulls. After 15 minutes, they were fighting some hellhounds. After that, they were led into a cave, which was a place where you could clearly see the key.

  The giant started talking again. “I’m so sorry, my little heroes. I’ve been told by enemies that you have killed them as they cried in agony, and they are relying on me to kill you. They were my friends, actually, that you killed. I liked them!!! Now, please wait while I clean my sword.”

  “No, I won’t be killed. I WILL FIGHT. NOW, COME AND GET ME, YOU SLUGGISH GIANT!!” Andrew shouted. He wouldn’t die as stupidly as a chicken going to the restaurant to get eaten by people. NO. The next few minutes were a blur. Slashing and a little blood, and battle cries.

  In the end, Andrew won. The companions grabbed the key, which led them to a secret path that they did not know was there before. There was the portal. It was locked heavily with chains that were not ordinary, the chains you couldn’t buy at Home Depot, or even find anywhere on Earth. The key unlocked the chains so easily, Andrew could’ve sworn it only took 0.00000000001 seconds to unlock. They all nodded to each other.

  “Ready to go to Heaven??” Andrew asked.

  Jimmy said: “I hope this will be better than Underworld.” Matt agreed with that. Drew, too. The awesome four stepped into the portal.