The Space Mission

“Operating out of earth’s atmosphere. Dragon up ahead.”

“Come on. I need help!”

“I can’t move.”

“Then get the keys.”

“I will try. Blue Sea Aircraft, help.”

“Blue Sea Aircraft on the way. Repeat Blue Sea Aircraft on the way.”

“The dragon is ripping through the ship. It made a giant hole. I can’t breathe! Help! My suit is still in the ship.”

“Come on, almost there, almost there. Come in red lost sailor, hello. Well I’m almost there. Finally I’m here. Pilot, come in, lost pilot. Ahhhh! The dragon! Uh-oh! The pilots’ dead body. The dragon must have killed him. I better take him back to the station.”

[They were on a space mission to Jupiter but there was a dragon in the way. It broke through the spaceship and then the pilot couldn’t breathe because he forgot to put on his spacesuit. Help was on the way but it came too late. He died. Other pilots learned to always keep their spacesuits on.]