The Dinosaurs, 2

65 million years ago, the three dinosaurs that survived the 5th mass extinction saw some cavemen. Just like the dinosaurs, the cavemen lived in a cave. Five seconds later they became friends and the dinosaurs called them over.

One day, an evil scientist created a time machine and wanted to rule the world. So he went to the time of dinosaurs. His time machine wasn’t a success.  The time machine wasn’t a success because he landed in the time of cavemen instead of dinosaurs. The scientist thought at least he made it to the cavemen time, so he went in the cavemen’s cave. When he went in the cave, he dumped a juice that makes people obey him so that he could rule the world. When the cavemen came back, they touched the juice.

A few days later, the dinosaurs called the cavemen to come to their cave. When the cavemen came, the dinosaurs knew what had happened because the cavemen weren’t listening to the dinosaurs. Suddenly another time machine came. It was the magician from story one. The magician wanted to meet the dinosaurs again but he too knew what the evil scientist was doing. Then he decided to help the dinosaurs. When the magician and the dinosaurs saw the cavemen later, the dinosaurs and the magician obviously had a fight with the cavemen.

When the cavemen ran away, the magician and the dinosaurs went in the evil scientist’s cave lab. They found chemical shots that would reverse the effect of the juice and went in the cavemen’s cave shooting the chemical shots to all of the cavemen.

Then when the evil scientist came to the cavemen’s cave, the cavemen pretended to follow what the evil scientist said. When the evil scientist said to find and bring back all the other living creatures to him, the cavemen came back with the dinosaurs and the magician. Then the magician took out his rabbit from his hat. The rabbit turned into a scary dinosaur making the evil scientist run the other direction. Then, from a tree the cavemen dropped a trap on the scientist. They put the scientist in the time machine and they all went back to the magician’s time.