My Thoughts on Global Warming

One day I went outside to wonder, What is my world doing about global warming, the biggest farce of them all and of the least concern to the general public? When the Paris Agreement was made in 2015, the world was very high on emissions and still is. That is not good. My belief is that the Paris Agreement is no more than a place to make friends and start war, and there’s no reason why the US should be involved in the Paris Agreement. But now that the US is out of the Paris Agreement, we have to work on an alternative. We have a couple of ideas:

  • We can get rid of all the power plants (my idea)
    • Pros: we will have more materials to work with
    • Con: we will suffer a huge loss of electricity and jobs


  • (current idea) We the world can wait forever and come up with excuses while organizations work tirelessly to come up with ways to help our world.
    • Pro: the government will have more money to work with
    • Cons: organizations that specialize in global warming will have to work around the clock and get low pay from the government.

Why is our government not doing anything

Our government wants other countries to do the work so than they can spend their money on other things that are more important such as more jobs, more military funding, and more school funding. Now, to make matters worse, we have a new president and, of course, he wants nothing to do with global warming =( no good)= what are we going to do!!!

The history of global warming

Global warming experts diagnosed earth with global warming back in 1930 and from that day on none of us has done anything about global warming. You can find evidence of this in the North Pole. If you live around a lake or a river, you will realize that your lake or river is flooding more often ( this can be caused by natural causes that are tricked by global warming). This problem has happened before on another planet called Mars. Long before the dinosaur was present, while earth was developing, Mars was full of life, as scientists say, with volcanoes. Volcanoes erupted for several months. Eventually the atmosphere was clouded with dust and after a few years all life was gone.


In conclusion there are a lot of more chances we have to considered trying to fix global warming. Also we need more governments looking at this and figuring out in what ways to help global warming because it is a big issue in society.