Hello, my name is Jeff and nothing ordinary goes on around me. I went to Mcdoonalds because I love Mcdoonalds. It seemed like an ordinary day. But I’d be fooling you; it will never be an ordinary day for me! So when I went to Mcdoonalds I ordered a ten piece chicken nugget meal. They gave me the meal and, like I always do, I looked inside to see if there was anything missing like my nuggets or fries. I looked down and everything was fine until… I started to eat the nuggets. They were a little too crunchy, probably because they overfried them but that just isn’t what happens around me. When they got down to my stomach area I started to feel something. Something ticklish. I decided that it was just the crunchiness of the nuggets because I wasn’t used to the feeling.

When I got back to my home it started to get worse. My stomach started to blow up like I was getting fatter by the second. I got so scared! So i drove down to the hospital (which is like 1 minute away from my house). As I was driving I was making an appointment at the hospital and then I heard a loud boom before I got knocked out.

Apparently I was in a coma for nine months and they were doing tests on me for those nine months. When I woke up from my coma I heard about the bad news. First I learned that I got into a crash, then the real bad news came. It was the reason why I went to the hospital. They told me the reason I was getting fatter. It was the chicken I had eaten in McDoonalds. That chicken wasn’t just nuggets. THEY BECAME REAL CHICKENS. Apparently there was no way to take them out besides surgery, but I didn’t want to do it for like three chickens. When the chickens start growing up I’ll do it. But for now I’m not going to have surgery. So I guess this is the end!