MAN I Do Hate Writing

I really hate that fancy font. It’s so annoying.

Wait. What’s happening? I’m actually changing the font. Here let me try to make it normal.

Attempt one. Shoot it didn’t work.

Attempt two. Man, it still didn’t work.

Attempt three. Finally it worked. Alright, let’s get started.

I just hate writing. I seriously despise the boring and very excruciatingly long descriptive writing. I hate those facts that inform people, but nobody cares about them. Hey, did you know that bananas are actually a berry?

I also hate it when people tell me to write something. As you can see what I’m doing right now is that I am contradicting myself. I really mean it. I hate writing so much. What I hate a lot though are poems. Here’s one I made up: Roses are red, violets are blue, I hate writing and so should you.

I just generally hate writing. Well, this piece is now coming to an end. Now I finished my assignment. Hey did I ever tell you that I hate cliff—.