Cute Bunny Days

There was the bunny. A magician’s bunny to be precise. The magician’s bunny was a magical bunny. He could do actual magic. He never could actually show his power though. His true magic could not be seen by people. That was a drawback. The magician found the bunny and tried a magic trick that would have never worked, but the bunny had teleported. So, the magician thought he could do good magic tricks. For example: teleporting the  bunny into a hat. (Oh, how could I forget?) The bunny’s name was Jason. He didn’t like getting pulled out of a hat by the ears. So sometimes, he teleported himself onto the magician’s head. The audience thought it was planned though, so the magician went along with it. Eventually, Jason hopped away. (Because he saw a sign that said: CARROTS FOR SALE.)

 Well, anyway Jason was hopping down a sunny road. There was a sign. He didn’t know what it meant, but it said, WELCOME TO DIAGON ALLEY. Well, Jason just hopped along. After a while he was way too tired to hop any more. He figured out that he could summon a cloud, by turning his fluffy fur into clouds, and from then on, he flew instead of hopping. He seriously liked flying. He flew all over the world. In fact, the Bermuda Triangle was formed by Jason flying in triangles over and over again. He wondered where he could go by flying, so he went to Olympus. You know, that place where all the Greek gods are? The Humongo people there (they were 12 feet tall!) were trying to catch ‘n cook him, so he summoned an army of flying bunnies that had bazookas. The scene was so epic and bloody and kaboomy that we have to leave the massive war details out. So after Olympus was repopulated, Jason said his goodbyes and left.

So anyway, Jason was flying down a mountain when he saw that all the bunnies on the mountain were getting cornered into a tight circle; they were all getting captured into a net. They were helpless, so Jason used his magic powers and turned them all into jackalopes. Bunnies with antlers!!! They fenced with the hunters using swords and won. Well, after that Jason was tired so he slept.

Well, while Jason was sleeping, the jackalopes started to wonder, “Hey, what’s up there in the sky? So they all summoned a cloud, and flew up ,up, and up to bunolympus. The bunnies that were already there said, “Hey, this is OUR personal territory!” They got into a huge argument and the great rabbit civil war began. In fact, the leaning tower of PIZZA (but seriously, it doesn’t have pizza!!!) was  leaning because one of the tiny cannon balls that they used fell on the tower. And it is still leaning today.

Anyway, the war ended when Jason came in and said, “Woah, woah, woah, don’t kill your cousins!!” So, they made a treaty and the bunnies never fought again.