Buff Man Story (Based on a True Story)

Once upon a time, there was a 12 year old kid who everyone called “Buff Man.” But his real name was David. The reason was because he acted like a man and everyone was afraid of him for his toughness.

 He wasn’t a bully, but he had a short temper and seemed like he could take on anything. He was always getting into trouble for things like not doing his homework and ripping it up, and he argued with the teachers.

The other kids didn’t know that Buff Man had one fear: the bulldog that blocked the way of him going to school every day.

One day, Buff Man was coming home from school at 2:35. He wondered if he should take the long way, 1 hour and 15 minutes, or the shortcut which took 15 minutes and meant he had to face the crazy dog. He decided to go the short way because of time, even if it meant facing the dog.

So he started his way going home and stopped right behind the dog’s house. He saw that the dog was sleeping, tied to a chain. Buff Man slowly crept by to not attract attention from the dog. But right when he passed by, the dog woke up, sniffed around, spotted Buffman, and chased him until the chain’s limit was stretched.

But right when buff man thought he was safe, the rusted metal chain broke off. The chase was on! Buff man tore across the alley  until he  stopped at a shiny looking fence that looked as if it just got put up. Without thinking, Buff man climbed the fence and looked back to see the dog jumping over the fence. Buff man kept running until he reached another fence and

did the same as before for about four more times. Finally, he stopped at a dead end. But the dog right behind him! Panicking, he decided to go all the way back, climbing all the five fences.

When he again reached the house of the dog, he looked back to see the dog was still right behind him. Frightened, Buff man climbed the window sill of the garage and went to the roof of the garage. Then, he screamed, “HELP!!!!”

And just then, the dog’s owner came out and said, “Sit, Otis!” Immediately, the dog sat. And they both went in the house, the owner screaming at the dog.

That day, Buff man went back home at 4:00 P.M He went up to his room and thought about what had just happened. At 5:30, his mom called him down for dinner. As he ate his pasta, he was still shocked, and so he didn’t say anything until his mom asked him if he was okay. He thought for a few seconds, and told his parents about what had happened that day. His parents didn’t really listen to Buffman. When Buffman was finished, his parents just said, sounds like you had a lot of fun. At least you’re safe.

As Buffman thought some more, he decided to just ask his mom a ride home next time.


Source: http://www.marktraffic.com/

Source: http://www.marktraffic.com/