The water swept in and I tumbled into the waves as they caught me and pulled me into the mats. 4 hours earlier I had wanted a vacation with Julia’s family and Elliot’s family, because it was so long since we had had a vacation together. So we decided to […]

Blue Harbor

  When Thanksgiving break started, we went to California to see my best friend. My best friend is so cool and he grew up like me! Most of the time we play games, talk to each other, and we watch dramas and movies! My best friend was so happy hanging […]

The Trip to California

Sweat was flooding my eyes and blinding them from what was above me. I was a couple feet up on the wall, just a few steps from the platform. I reached for the rock in front of me, pulled myself up. Right hand, left foot. Left hand, right foot. I […]

The Leap of Faith

Have you ever lived right across the street from your cousin’s house? Well, I have. When I moved here from Georgia my family and I didn’t have a house. We had to live with the Changs, my aunt and uncle, and there were ten people in the house. It was […]

Living Across the Street

Today is The Day. My heart was racing. What was I going to get?! I was the first one to wake up, as usual. It was Christmas day. Finally I got presents. Or did I?! I went in the living room and I saw tons of presents under our beautifully […]

Merry Christmas Everyone! (or at least for me)

                                                          By:Justin Yoon   We were about to see game 7 tonight.   In the first inning of the 2016 World Series, […]

The day when the Cubs won the World Series

It was a bright and early Saturday morning in 2011.   Today was the day I finally was going to take off my training wheels. Many of my friends were biking to parks already, and I didn’t want to be the only one to learn how to ride a bike […]

The Day I Learned How to Ride a Bike

Do you know how to play and make a fun easy game called Ddakji? Ddakji is a fast game that you can play anywhere. You just need the following: two 8.5”X11” papers. #1 First, you get a paper and fold in half two times, hamburger style. (Repeat step 1 with […]

How To Play a Fun, Easy Game Called Ddakji

Have you ever had a teacher that stepped on you? Well, I did. That was when I was 3. At my daycare I always made a big deal about my mom leaving me. On that day, it happened. I realized that she wasn’t coming back. By then it was naptime. […]

The Abusive Foot

  Have you ever wondered about the magicality of rainbows? Has anyone told you the dream-shattering rumor that you can’t touch rainbows? That they’re only illusions? Well, here’s how you can make your dreams come true in a few simple steps. This can not only capture rainbows, but can make […]

How to Catch a Rainbow

                                                                 By:Justin Yoon Are you willing to have superpowers like Batman, Superman and more? Well, now you can! By […]

How to make a donut that will give you superpowers

  Cleaning your room is a good way you can make your room neater. Sometimes your room is messy and dirty from dust in your room. Materials: messy room, dust, closet, messy shelves, spray for dust and dustcloth.   First, you have to put everything to the side  You have […]

How to Clean Your Room