He is skinny and tall, he likes to wear jeans and a sweater. He likes the color orange and reads the Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Land of Story books. His sister suggested them and they were all awesome. He used to doubt her recommendations but now he reads every […]

DANNY (a character sketch)

Do you think that schools should pay for buses to transport children to and from school daily? Well I do. Many parents need bus transportation, but it doesn’t mean they can have it. Many school districts are now charging parents for buses for their kids and in some school districts, […]

Should Schools Pay for Buses?

Ever failed a test because you didn’t study? Got bad grades because school was boring? It could be the rewards that they give you. Your teacher probably gives you a sticker or maybe an eraser or a paper that says that you accomplished something.  But………  what if the reward was […]

Should students be paid for good grades?

Crisp, organized, and neat. I think that schools should require school uniforms because uniforms will help kids pay attention in class, give kids more time in the mornings, and save money. Kids will focus on school more when everyone is wearing the same clothes or outfits. Sometimes, kids in my […]

Should kids have school uniforms?

It’s 11 p.m. and kids are at their desks doing homework. Do kids really have to do homework? Students should get less homework because they need more sleep, need more free time, and because homework is unnecessary. The first reason to have less homework is that kids do homework late […]

Should there be less homework?

    How would you like to practice three hours a day running countless laps, risking an injury, and not get paid? Well, this is what college athletes go through. College athletes should be paid so that they would try harder, because they risk injury, and because they deserve it.     Athletes should […]

Should They Be Paid?

My friend Jack is the greatest friend anyone could ask for. We’ve been playing with each other for years. We are best brothers like the Super Mario brothers. The first time we met was in first grade. One recess, I saw third grade bullies teasing Jack. The bullies said bad […]

My Friend Jack

Winter Hazards- a Haiku   Snow in my jacket Going sledding into trees Snowballs in my face 🙁 The Justin Poem Justin Kind, sometimes annoying, usually hungry, smart Son of Monica and Hoon, brother of Daniel and Alina Lover of dogs, cats, and my family Who feels hunger, anger, and […]

Poetry by Justin

Running- a Haiku Running like the wind Makes you stronger and better Running is the best Sledding- a Haiku   Sledding down mountains Makes me happy and joyful Until I get cold   Green- a Color Poem Green is soothing like conciliation. Green is like lettuce that is crisp and healthy. […]

Poetry- By Justin

My Little Brother- a Haiku My little brother, always getting lost outside. But he’ll be found soon.   Haiku- a Haiku This, five syllables. This is seven syllables. Are you happy now?   Green- A color poem Green is happiness when I went to summer camp. Green is the freedom […]

Poetry by Luke

Waves- a Haiku   Aura of the sea The waves are the sea’s carpet A blanket of blue   BLACK- (a Color Poem)              Is the darkness that surrounds me at midnight. Tastes like licorice that is ten times too sweet. Feels like the blackness […]

Poetry by Matthew

Donde Esta El Curtains- a Haiku   sunlight streaming through waking up at six o’clock where are thy curtains   Disaster Strikes- a Haiku   huge stack of homework teacher are you serious I can’t believe this   Too Poor To Buy Syllables- a Haiku   I hate stacks of […]

Poetry By Steve